Peekskill High School’s Robotics Program

The Peekskill High School Robotics program, taught by teacher Mr. Carlo Vidrini, is continually gaining momentum!

In addition to expanding the curriculum to include three robotics classes and two telecommunications classes, this year the Robotics lab has also added an X-Carve CNC machine, where students can design a 3D item on a computer, which the machine then creates.

The Robotics program at Peekskill High School boasts two clubs—the junior team, known as the Mechanical Devils, and the senior team known as the Iron Devils.

The PHS Robotics program hosts classes that offer an in-depth exploration of the design process known as the Engineering Design Process, to build a mobile robot. During this process, students will learn key STEM principles such as basic electronics, telecommunications, physics principles and robotics concepts. Several teams will also be involved in head-to-head competitions to inspire and engage students. This modular and project-based curriculum teaches the design process in an engaging, hands-on manner that challenge, motivate and inspire students. Students will also compete in the Rube Goldberg Challenge, the US FIRST FTC Competition and build a drone.

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On Saturday, April 13 from 2-4 p.m. at Peekskill High School, students in the Peekskill High School Robotics program will be participating in the city-wide AIM event. As part of the day’s program, students will be flying a drone. They will also be showcasing their class-constructed robot and its abilities, such as those the robot exhibited during the Regional 2019 First Tech Challenge Robotics Competition, which was hosted at Peekskill High School this past February. AIM attendees will also have the opportunity to interact with this robot, as well as Peekskill High School’s Rube Goldberg machine, which is being entered in the National Rube Goldberg Challenge in Lawrenceburg, Indiana in early April 2019. Other examples of the school district’s Technology program will also be on display for the event.

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