Antonia Arts

Antonia Arts, in is a not for profit creative and performing arts organization for productions and education as a  bridge for diversity. Scarlett Antonia artistic director.

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APRIL 13 TH 4:00 Opens
With Antonia Arts presenting
Vignettes from the Wizard of Oz

Follow the Yellow Brick Road Over the Rainbow with Songs and Monolgues related to the Wizard of Oz

Peekskill Private I’ s Talent Search

Scarlett Antonia, upon taking residence in Peekskill worked at the Middle School as the Drama Director. At that time Ms. Antonia developed Peekskill Private I’s a original show that became a traveling theater production with professional actors. The audience went to the different business locations looking for lost art. Now Peekskill Private I’s are back but this time but looking for talent and the talent search begins at the Paramount Theater.

To kick off this talent search a variety of local talent will perform on the Paramount Stage with music, song and dance. Audience members have a opportunity to support our community by coming to the PARAMOUNT and acknowledge our talented Peekskill community.

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